Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Why I’m Living Beyond Organic in 2012

If you’ve read my previous blog, Learning to Breathe, you may be aware of some of the health issues I faced and my struggles to reclaim good health. In my mid-twenties I became anemic, began to have more severe digestive issues and my once clear skin became so covered with acne that the dermatologist gave me no hope of coming out of it without deep scarring. Month after month and year after year, I searched and read every book, article, blog, etc. that might offer some hope and information on how to heal my body. I cried out to God in the midst of the trial and He upheld me and led me through a process of gaining knowledge, wisdom, insight and ultimately great health.

One major turning point for me was learning of Jordan Rubin’s health crisis and how he overcame medically incurable diseases by following a Biblically-based health plan. As I read through The Maker’s Diet and The Great Physician’s Rx, I began to improve upon my diet in ANY way that I saw was lacking. Although I already ate organic produce, I upped the ante by striving for more than 10 different fruits and veggies a day, loading up on wild-caught fish like salmon and halibut, eating organic pastured chicken, searching for and eating more grass-fed beef (even if it meant stocking up while taking trips to the nearest Whole Foods more than 200 miles away). In addition to seeking out the most nutrient dense foods, I began to take probiotic supplements before every meal and added sauerkraut as a side to most meals.

As I added in probiotics I saw a tremendous leap in my overall health. In his books, Jordan talks of overcoming his health crisis by consuming large quantities of raw or cultured dairy products (loaded with probiotics). This was the one thing I found the most difficult to do. I have never tolerated dairy very well and after being as sick as I was, and knowing what I know about the hormones, antibiotics and general mistreatment of animals raised for dairy and beef, I was staying away from conventional and skeptical at best to try the organic products available in my area. I knew that organic dairy may not also be grass-fed and I wanted the best products for optimal health, I couldn’t afford any more setbacks. I was ready to be healed, healthy and moving on.

Last spring, I heard about Beyond Organic, a new company founded by Jordan Rubin that would be offering probiotic-rich dairy, grass-fed and finished beef, spring water and dark chocolate. Beyond Organic is committed to going beyond organic standards in humanely and Biblically raising cattle and caring for our natural resources. When I learned of this company, I knew I had to be involved and became an Independent Mission Marketer for Beyond Organic. I had already been on a journey of changing my diet and changing my life and God had literally stopped my work, focused my attention on His plans and purposes for my life and I was ready to see His glory revealed in my healing by telling others and sharing with them how they too can overcome health issues or better yet, do their best to avoid ever going through a trial similar to mine.

Stay tuned for more information in upcoming posts about why I’m living Beyond Organic in 2012 and how you can too! I will be sharing much more information about each product and recipes as I incorporate them into my life. But, if you just can’t wait to learn more about it, click My Beyond Organic to check out my website or leave a comment/contact me with any questions.


• GreenFed and GreenFinished Cattle

• Pesticide/Herbicide/Fungicide/Chemical Fertilizer-Free Grazing Lands

• No Antibiotics – No Hormones – No Vaccines

• Proper Stewardship of God’s Creation: Kindness and Respect toward Animals and Sustainable Land and Soil Management

• No GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)

• Olde World Production Methods to Enhance Health Benefits

• “Fair Made” Ethical Business Practices

• Biblically Based Processing Methods (Deuteronomy 12)

• Pursuit of Quality and Safety in Finished Products

Join me on my journey and Live Beyond Organic! Next up: Amasai

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  1. Brooke, your blog posts are so inspiring! I love this post. I have just added a link to your blog from my "Beyond Blah Blah Blog" with this description: "An incredible journey to rediscover health is told by this inspiring young lady and friend, Brooke!"

    Let me know if you'd like me to change it in any way, or if there's anything else I can do to help you promote your blog. I think it's beautiful, and I admire your strength and courage.

    --jenni smith