Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy February!

I LOVE February…maybe because it means Spring is just around the corner, maybe it’s because Valentine’s Day is in February and I LOVE Valentine’s Day…I know some people say it is overrated and exploited by greeting card companies and chocolatiers the world over…but I LOVE it regardless. We have other holidays that remind us of important events, so why not have a holiday to remind us to tell those nearest and dearest how much we LOVE them? And who can resist a holiday that basically requires all things pink, red, chocolate, heart-shaped and sweet? Ok, I’m off of my Valentine’s Day soap box, however, I will most likely return to it before the month is over…back to why I LOVE February….maybe I LOVE February because it is also the month in which I was born and I love any reason to celebrate, so being thankful that the Lord has seen fit to keep me here another year is plenty of reason to LOVE this blessed month. In the spirit of all things lovely, here are a few pictures of some things I LOVE…

Vintage Valentines...I LOVE saving my old cards and reading them again.

Cole and Chloe's 2012 Resolution to Stay Fit.

Reminders that we girls should always take a moment to twirl and spin with glee.

Beautifully Colorful Radishes

Tiny flowers pushing up through the pavement...ok, so technically this is a weed, but it's still a bright spot in the blah concrete.

Lizard Houses

Double Chocolate Cookies with Berries for Breakfast...ok, so not the most balanced breakfast, but sometimes we just need a treat.

Grocery shopping made easy.

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